Words & Music: Ruth Hazleton


A song written in anger towards those in power who hypocritically espouse religious values yet continue to vilify asylum seekers and First Nations communities, legislate against the rights of women and other minority groups, deny the advent of a global climate emergency and worship the god of greed.


Messiahs of Hate
Words & Music: Ruth Hazleton 
You pray at church on Sundays
You’re a man of righteous faith
A guardian of virtue
And a patriotic saint
You’ve never needed shelter
Or fled a bloody war
You’ve never met with violence
You’ve never fed the poor.
You hide beneath the alter,
In wretched glory; a thief of fate,
Then you count the sins of angels
And sell their stories,
To the messiahs of hate.
You’ve waged a war on country
The rivers all run dry
A conscientious unbeliever
Underneath a barren sky
You refuse to heed the warnings
You won’t be disabused
For the patron saint of avarice
Has never been refused
The darkness of your terror
Your bigotry and fear
The conflict on the borders
The god of your frontier
Strangers came across the sea
We’ve endless plains to share
But you’ve washed your hands in bloodshed
With your empty thoughts and prayers.
Take the cross and bear it,
To your soul,
False believer,
A pilgrim of power,
A deceiver,
Hail the messiahs of hate.


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